4-Bag Essicks Mixer with Honda Motor

The 4-Bag Essicks Mixer has a 3/16-inch thick steel drum, is 12 cubic feet, and has a reliable 11-horsepower Honda engine. The mixer has reduced maintenance and longer life since gears and clutch are fully immersed in oil and have a maintenance-free shaft seal system with no greasing required. Essicks Mixers have been used by the professional mason for over 85 years and are the ultimate in heavy duty plaster/mortar mixers.
Visit Multiquip, Inc. for specifications.

5.5 hp Rolair Compressor

The Rolair 5.5-horsepower single-stage two-cylinder portable gas compressor has a pump that doesn't fit a heavy duty single stage compressor with cast iron twin cylinders, ball bearings, splash lubricated, aluminum alloy connecting rods with inserts, Swedish Lamellar reed valves, multi-finned 11.5-inch flywheel, cast iron valve plates, and an oiled sight gauge. Its engine is 5.5-horsepower, Honda 4-cycle, complete die cast aluminum alloy with a cast iron sleeve, overhead valves, a retractable starter, on/off switch, splash lubricated, and low oil shutdown. It also has a non-code 9-gallon tank.  

Pump Parts

AZ Wholesale carries a wide range of plaster pump parts. 

Mixer Parts

AZ Wholesale carries a wide range of mixer parts for both Essicks and Western plaster/mortar mixers.  

Western Predator Plaster Pump

This mechanical piston ball valve pump is designed for high-pressure, long distance pumping requirements. It delivers a smooth and constant stream of material when atomized with the 14 cfm compressor, it provides an even and easy to control spray pattern.
Visit Western Equipment Manufacturing, Inc. for specifications.