Our Visqueen is made from polyethylene which provides for optimum economy and performance. Because of its good weatherability, chemical inertness and toughness, it has successfully been used in a wide variety of applications. Thickness ranges from as little as .3 mil for paint drop cloths to 100 mil for use as landfill liners. Widths range up to 40 feet. We offer:
•    Black Visqueen
•    Clear Visqueen
Request MSDS, ICC Report and Spec Data or visit Poly-America for submittal documents.

Masking Paper

Masking paper comes in 12-inch and 18-inch.  

Self-Adhesive Window Mask

Self-Adhesive Clear Window Mask is specifically designed for outdoor exposure to protect windows during shipment to the building site as well as at the building site. Window masking films are available for 30- to 90-day protection and have a water-based adhesive system on film which will remove cleanly from windows.