Elastomeric Base

Elastomeric Paint is made for abrasion resistance, low dirt pick up, excellent exterior durability and excellent elastic recovery. Elastomeric Paint can be tinted to a variety of stock colors as well as most custom colors. It also exhibits excellent breathability, which helps to prevent moisture build up in walls.  
Request MSDS, ICC Report, and Spec Data or visit InCide Technologies, Inc. for submittal documents.

Primer & Sealer

This Primer and Sealer is specially formulated to coat "hot" cementitious surfaces that have not fully cured or have an excessive amount of alkali present. It’s made from the highest quality raw materials to provide a long lasting base for acrylic latex and elastomeric wall coatings. It seals the porous surface of stucco or other substrates and stops efflorescence from occurring and can seal a surface that is currently chalking.