12' x 2.15 Microllam Laminated Plank

Our Microllam Laminated Plank is made from multiple layers of thin veneer to minimize the natural inconsistencies of wood.
Request MSDS, ICC Report, and Spec Data or visit Weyerhaeuser for submittal documents.


All frames are made of high-yield and tensile manganese steel. Joints are fully coped and tubes are coated with rust-inhibitive paint. All frames are powder coated. We offer:
•    A-Frames
•    Box Frames
•    Ladder Frames
•    Walk-Through Frames

Cross Braces

All cross braces are made of 1.05-inch OD high tensile and yield steel tubing with .08-inch wall thickness. Cross brace center pins are high strength bolts to assure proper load distribution. All cross braces are galvanized with yellow zinc which makes them more durable than other types of electro-galvanizing. Cross braces are cold-pressed at the ends instead of heated so there is no damage to the steel, which make them much more durable, corrosion resistant and better able to withstand job site usage. 

End Rails

All End Rails are fabricated from thicker 1.32-inch OD heavy duty tubing with .08-inch wall thickness for extra strength. They are yellow zinc galvanized steel.